Contract Manufacturing Solution

  • Contract manufacturing for established brands/labels.
  • Customized products, in addition to short production runs for promos
  • Combo-Packing & Repacking for Retail shops
  • Gift Sets

Private Label Solutions

  • Private label Solutions are provided to large retailers who want to enhance category profitability in their store shelves.
  • The strength of private label brands helps to build customer loyalty & differentiates them from the competitors.
  • Private labels gives ability to set their own price points as opposed to national & international brands.
  • Private Label Strategy can be to make products
    • That are a takeoff on existing best selling brands
    • Become a brand marketer
  • Take off on Existing Brands
    • Value Proposition as compared to the original brands
    • Similar graphics though lead to consumer recognition but could lead to legal issues
    • No Advertising but only in store promotions
    • Better Shelf positioning
  • Brand Marketer
    • Difficult to take on the brand value of the existing brands
    • No Legal issues

Packaging and Product Development Solutions

  • Formulation development
  • Packaging development including designing, technical drawings, prototype development etc.
  • Specialized packaging with materials like jute, metals, cloth, satin etc.
  • Backed by a professional team of creative artists, industrial designers and mould manufacturers
  • The most important factor for us is the ultimate Success of our client.
  • We have professional manufacturing plants that utilize sophisticated equipments & in-depths research development to produce high quality cosmetic products.
  • We'll be with you in the areas of Product formulation, packaging, design, cost control & offer you the best that we can.